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A Real Reel by Bill Black

The Camel's Hump

This original "traditional" reel, composed by Bill Black, is a clever fusion of Irish and Middle Eastern melodies that simply has to be heard to be believed. It has been recorded by Skip Healy and is featured on Track 16 of the CD Purgatory Chasm. The ABC-format notation for "The Camel's Hump" (and for about 1,800 other songs) can be found on Bill's CapeIrish Web site.

"Woodwinds Made and Played for All Occasions"

The Camel's Hump — © Bill Black

The Camel's Hump Sheet Music

Click to play music clip of The Camel's Hump
[MP3 File — 1.4MB download]

Skip Healy is an instrument-maker specializing in flutes, fifes, and piccolos in wood and silver for Irish, folk, and American fife & drum music. His CD Purgatory Chasm features performances by harpist Aine Minogue, guitarist Flynn Cohen, and fifer/flutist Paul Joseph.

On this Empty Pockets Productions release, Skip performs a wide range of Irish, American, and original compositions on Healy Flute Co. flutes and fifes. The recording stands out for its unconventional selection of tunes and arrangements — including Bill Black's whimsical piece, "The Camel's Hump."

To hear a clip from this album, click on the "Play Music" button. To preview other songs on the CD or to order it online, go to Skip's Purgatory Chasm page.

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