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Customer Comments and Visitor Feedback

Ian McCart, MD, Cambridge, MA

I do not, as a general rule, provide feedback to much of anything or anybody, being too busy to take the time or effort. But for this CD (Music from the Works of James Joyce CD #1) I will make an exception. Mr. McDermott and Mr. Richey have truly captured the sound and spirit of "the old Irish tonality" spoken of by Joyce in his finest short story, "The Dead." This is truly an inspiring tenor performance in an excellent selection and arrangement of Joyce's favourite music. I am ordering the second CD even as I write this.

Peggy April/Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions

I just wanted you to know that I have become positively addicted to this CD. I have been working many late nights at my computer the past week or so, and I must have listened to it no less than 50 times! I am positively amazed with Mr. McDermott's voice. It is not my normal genre, and I think because I have never listened to music such as this, it makes it that much more enjoyable. What a wonderful way to relive this golden era through the voice and music created by these masterful artists. If you like history — buy this CD. If you enjoy literature — buy this CD. And most importantly, if you like classic, talented artists — without hesitation, BUY this CD!

Terry Shults, Ph.D./University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Fabulous Voyager

Congratulations on a wonderful site. As a bass in the Midland-Odessa Symphony Chorale and a member of the Chorale Planning Committee, I was looking for information to help me explain Joyce and music to our Maestra as we prepare the Conrad Susa three Chamber Music settings for our May concert.

1973-1975, I studied Joyce with Richard M. Kain (author of Fabulous Voyager) at the University of Louisville. I believe it was in 1975 that he brought Maria Jolas to the campus to visit with his students. She mentioned John McCormack, and I expressed the conventional wisdom that Joyce had "hated" the singer. She sneered at that, recalling that she and Joyce once went to a McCormack concert and danced their way through the streets back to her door.

Sen. David Norris/Seanad Éireann

Kevin ... I look forward to hearing your voice and reviving memories of the splendid concert that you gave in the Arts Club and the other ocuple of occasions when I heard you sing so beautifully. I always tell people that you are the man who rediscovered and sing as no one else can that song about the seaside girls. With very best wishes and congratulations....

Richard Martin & Meagan Hennessey/Archeophone Records

Kevin, your new CD looks and sounds terrific. Of course, we had an idea of that from the Web site already, but those snippets, as good as they are, don't do full justice to you. It's much better to hear each entire song. Hard to believe those recordings are over two decades old. Can you still belt 'em out like that?*

*Webmaster's response: The answer is Yes.

Peter Maguire/Clichy, France

I have already listened to the CD and it is superb; I am particularly pleased to have such a wonderful rendering of "The Croppy Boy," with the correct air (Cailín deas a stór) and the "Joycean" words (Carroll Malone). Congratulations on such a wonderful piece of work. But, the whole CD is most enjoyable. As for Zack Bowen's liner notes, it would be hard to find someone with a greater knowledge of "Joycean" music than Zack.
Go raibh míle maith agat (thank you very much).

Jack Duckworth/Florida, USA

I have just finished listening to the James Joyce CD. It is magnificent — beautifully recorded, sung, and accompanied. I cannot praise it enough, especially as I come from a "musical" family that did sing around the piano before the days of radio and TV.

The importance of music to Joyce and its central place in enjoying and understanding his works is really emphasized when listening to this set of songs, long remembered but hardly ever sung now professionally. My, don't they burst forth! It does help though to be reading the Sirens episode in Ulysses when listening. I look forward to more of the same soon.

We Joyce fans owe you and Zack Bowen a great debt. (From personal experience I know he can still hit most of the notes when singing "Love's Old Sweet Song"!)

Audrey Walter/Alberta, Canada

Good news! Yesterday I received the CD with the music from James Joyce's writings. We have listened to it, and it is absolutely magnificent. Please keep us informed of all your endeavors. Thanks again.

Dan McKinley, Music Director/Christ Church of Hamilton and Wenham

Kevin: I very much enjoyed listening to the James Joyce CD today for the first time (though not the last by any means, D.V.). It's a delight from start to finish! Great high C in "Soldier Fall." Beautiful voice throughout. Excellent piano, excellent quality of recording, excellent and attractive booklet.... My grandmother would have loved it. She died in 1998 at age 100, and her favorite song was "The Holy City," which I of course learned as soon as I had the chops to play it.... You and Ralph do it superbly.

Joseph C. Chilorio/Mechanics Hall Productions

I must say that I am very impressed! The packaging and booklet are attractive and very informative, and of course, the CD sounds even better to me now that I am listening to it with "fresh ears."

Sabine Schäfer/Liemen, Germany

Dear james-joyce-music
Thank you for the music clip of the Blumenlied. I enjoyed it.

Margaret Sheehan/Flagler Beach Real Estate

This is a great CD. A played a few of the songs for one of my older realty clients, and she actually knew the words!

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