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Eye of the Beholder     (full view)

Original "Oneiric Art" Poster

by Frank Weaver

Inspired by the character of Issy/Nuvoletta in Finnegans Wake in all her incarnations as daughter, sister, wife, and mother, this colorful poster is a visual interpretation of the Jungian feminine principle permeating Joyce's masterwork. It seeks to render some of the book's many themes and allegorical imagery in the form of a single surreal dreamscape. The circular conjoined text surrounding the main image is an excerpt from FW chapter I.4, p. 92, lines 22–32:

[Y]men. But it was not unobserved of those presents, their worships, how, of one among all, her deputised to defeme him by the Lunar Sisters’ Celibacy Club, a lovelooking leapgirl, all all alonely, Gentia Gemma of the Makegiddyculling Reeks, he, wan and pale in his unmixed admiration, seemed blindly, mutely, tastelessly, tactlessly, innamorate with heruponhim in shining aminglement, the shaym of his hisu shifting into the shimmering of her hers, (youthsy, beautsy, hee’s her chap and shey’ll tell memmas when she gays whom) till the wild wishwish of her sheeshea melted most musically mid the dark deepdeep of his sha[y]...

Below is the full image at low resolution. (Or visit this page to view image details.)

Eye of the Beholder

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All flat posters are printed on sturdy photo paper suitable for framing. The faux canvas wall art is printed on high-quality textured paper and comes pre-framed (see options below). Whether you are a Joycean, a Jungian, or just enjoy fine art, Eye of the Beholder will be an eyecatching addition to your home or office.
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20″ × 30″ x 1″ Faux Canvas with Internal Box Frame $ 199.95*
24″ × 36″ x 1″ Faux Canvas with External Wood Frame (brown) $ 349.95*

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Faux Canvas with Box Frame

Eye of the Beholder - Box Frame

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Eye of the Beholder - Wood Frame

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