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Lorimers and leathersellers, skinners and salters, pewterers and paperstainers, parishclerks, fletcherbowyers, girdlers, mercers, cordwainers and first, and not last, the weavers.
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With more than 25 years of hands-on project management, sales, and design experience in the realms of print, Web, and multimedia communications, Frank Weaver took the lead in developing a sound business strategy for Sunphone Records, shepherding Music from the Works of James Joyce through production, and then promoting the CD via the Internet. An avid Joycean since high school days and a Mac guru, Frank has researched and authored virtually all of the content for this Web site (except as noted), designed and programmed it, marketed it, and now manages and maintains the site while continuing to create new pages at a feverish pace. Stop by often to see what's new!

He earned both his B.A. and M.A. degrees in English from Bingamton University, where he studied Medieval literature, creative writing, and foreign language. Oh, and James Joyce. Among his instructors at S.U.N.Y. was Prof. Zack Bowen, one of the foremost authorities on Joyce's use of music in his works.

About F.W. (the Person, Not the Book)

A professional designer, writer, and editor, Frank has devoted a good part of his career to creating advertising copy and marketing communications for businesses. He spent some time in Hollywood writing screenplays for Paramount Studios; and a book of his poetry, Posy of a Ring, was published by Dragon's Teeth Press in 1986.

Frank is a former teacher, and also an experienced actor: over the years, he has appeared in leading roles in amateur productions of Never Too Late, Fiddler on the Roof, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, The Odd Couple, Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Wait Until Dark, and other plays.

Since receiving a certificate in Web Production & Management from Emerson College, Frank has worked almost exclusively in the field of interactive media. He has developed Web sites for a variety of companies large and small; programmed Flash puzzles for; consulted for Northeastern University; and worked as a New Media Project Supervisor at Fidelity Investments. Currently he is the Senior Web Strategist and V.P. of Sales for Mountain Media.

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Frank is a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences — New Media Section, and formerly served as Webmaster for the Albany chapter of the Graphic Artists Guild. He is also an editor for the Open Directory Project. He reads about a dozen languages, living and dead, and has traveled extensively in North and South America and throughout Europe, where he has visited a good many literary shrines associated with his favorite authors (Joyce in particular). He is awfully fond of Ireland; but by far his favorite destination is...Greece.

land of Homer and Solomós,
of dusty olive, oleander and honey,
lustrous paradise of marble, water and light,
that intoxicant light! Joy to be in Hellas! to reel
before the sounds and smells of Hellas, to be inebriated by the sun
of Hellas — and tipple in taverns the harsh retsina to become sober again!
to cut a caper on
a Dionysian stage, climb
to Areopagus, consort with caryatides:
to sail the blue Saronic: to kick about the Cyclades
(swordedged islands that lift their livid limestone crags like
heads of newborn giants thrust out of the convulsed belly of the sea),
Kea, Kithnos, Serifos, Sifnos, Paros, Naxos, Mikonis, Tinos, sacred Delos:
joy to spend your self in motion, without beginning or end, like a wheel,
pursuing and self-pursued, a laughing child at his game: and joy
to melt your loins into the sea and then emerge again
some kind of god, a joke from Aristophanes,
a sneer, a gloating, asbestos gelos,
an affirmation and
an eternal

— from "Innocence Abroad"
Posy of a Ring

© 2004 by Frank Weaver

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And now to step out of the third person and into the first to thank you personally for visiting this site (assuming you've ... yawn ... read this far). I wish I could add some interesting tidbits to the bio; but I don't know you well enough yet, so what you might find interesting about me is anyone's guess.

But — if you've dug this deep into the site, you're probably a fairly rounded Joycean. And — well, OK ... there was that one time I had dinner with Joseph Campbell. That's right. The Joseph Campbell. The Skeleton Key to 'Finnegans Wake' Joseph Campbell. At the time (ca. 1975) I was an undergraduate at SUNY-Binghamton living on campus. One evening a friend in one of the neighboring dorm rooms casually mentioned that his godfather was coming to visit and take him out to dinner, and would I care to join them? Campus-bound students too long inured to cafeteria fare never turn down such invitations. It was only later, in the restaurant, surrounded by a coterie of some of SUNY-B's most illustrious scholars, that I found out this fellow's godfather was none other than J.C. himself! Dang it all if I can recall from that night a single word of wisdom or clever bon mot uttered by anyone at the table all those years ago. All I remember is that our host was gracious in the extreme and a fine fellow to talk to.

And there you have it: my one small brush with Joycean fame.

Enjoy the remainder of your stay And while you're here, why not pick up one of our excellent CDs? They're going fast!

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