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Death mask of James Joyce

Death-mask of
James Joyce

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The characteristics that enabled him to sustain his purpose are apparent in his very death-mask. Delicately but firmly molded, the head is long and narrow, the forehead high, the chin strong, and the eyes are closed. It is the face of his Stephen Dedalus, of the perennial student, of a man who carries to the verge of his sixtieth year the agility, the curiosity, the sensibility of his youth.
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[ Harry Levin ]

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James Joyce and Music

Song in Joyce's Work


Musical Settings of Chamber Music
» with link to Musical Settings of Pomes Penyeach

Music in Dubliners

Music in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
» with link to Music in Stephen Hero

Music in Exiles

Music in Ulysses

Music in Finnegans Wake

Selected Songs

Songs Listed by Track Number

Songs Listed by Work Cited

  1. Bid Adieu to Girlish Days (Discussion and music clip)
  2. Silent, O Moyle (Discussion and music clip)
  3. I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls (Discussion and music clip)
    » with link to Charles Dibdin and "The Lass That Loved a Sailor"
  4. Oft in the Stilly Night (Discussion and music clip)
  5. I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby (Discussion and music clip)
    • Lyrics (from the prologue to the cantata Lalla Rookh)
    • Biographies (Frederick Clay, W.G. Wills)
  6. Love's Old Sweet Song (Discussion and music clip)
  7. Brigid's Song (Discussion and music clip)
    • Lyrics (from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man)
    • Biography (David Diamond)
  8. Blumenlied (Discussion and music clip)
  9. Those Lovely Seaside Girls (Discussion and music clip)
  10. My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl (Discussion and music clip)
  11. The Holy City (Discussion and music clip)
  12. M'Appari (Discussion and music clip)
  13. Yes! Let Me Like a Soldier Fall (Discussion and music clip)
  14. The Bloom Is on the Rye (Discussion and music clip)
  15. The Low-back'd Car (Discussion and music clip)
  16. The Croppy Boy (Discussion and music clip)
  17. Sweet Rosie O'Grady (Discussion and music clip)

About the Concert

A Brief History (Chronology of Performances)
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About the Musicians

  1. C.V. of Kevin McDermott
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    » with link to Wigmore Hall/Virgil Thomson Concert page
  2. C.V. of Ralph Richey
    » with link to R.R. Production credits

Reviews and Reactions

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  2. Reviews in Print

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