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James Joyce in Paris, 1939, holding a cane James Joyce: Music in the Novels and Poems
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Wait! Hist! Let us list!
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[ Finnegans Wake ]

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CD: Music from the Works of James Joyce

Click on a song title in the list below to hear a sample clip of that song from the CD. Please be aware that the music on the Web site has been resampled and compressed to reduce the filesize of the clips, so sound quality may be somewhat compromised; however, the quality of the sound on the actual CD itself is nothing less than sterling. (Visitors with slow modem connections should consult the filesize chart below.)

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A Note on Download Times

Sound files tend to be rather large. If you have a slow modem connection, you can use this filesize chart with estimated download times to gauge how long it may take for individual sound clips to download. As a rough guide, transfer of a 400-kilobyte file takes about one minute on a 56kbs modem. With a cable or DSL connection, of course, download will be significantly faster.

1. Bid Adieu to Girlish Days 144K 22 sec.
2. Silent, O Moyle 192K 29 sec.
3. I Dreamt That I Dwelt in Marble Halls 224K 34 sec.
4. Oft in the Stilly Night 192K 29 sec.
5. I'll Sing Thee Songs of Araby 244K 37 sec.
6. Love's Old Sweet Song 268K 40 sec.
7. Brigid's Song 184K 28 sec.
8. Blumenlied 172K 26 sec.
9. Those Lovely Seaside Girls 224K 34 sec.
10. My Girl's a Yorkshire Girl 204K 31 sec.
11. The Holy City 304K 46 sec.
12. M'appari 204K 31 sec.
13. Yes! Let Me Like a Soldier Fall 176K 26 sec.
14. The Bloom Is on the Rye 184K 28 sec.
15. The Low-back'd Car 204K 31 sec.
16. The Croppy Boy 264K 40 sec.
17. Sweet Rosie O'Grady 156K 23 sec.

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