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James Joyce at the Piano in Paris, 1939 James Joyce: Music in the Novels and Poems
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The voice of his youngest brother from the farther side of the fireplace began to sing the air Oft in the Stilly Night. One by one the others took up the air until a full choir of voices was singing. They would sing so for hours, melody after melody, glee after glee, till the last pale light died down on the horizon, till the first dark nightclouds came forth and night fell.
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[ A Portrait ]

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From CD #1:
Oft in the Stilly Night

Words by Thomas Moore;
musical arrangement by Sir John Stevenson

Liner Notes

This beautiful Thomas Moore song is sung by Stephen's poverty-stricken family as they sit in the dark awaiting their meager supper in A Portrait. The lyrics and melody stir up memories of childhood and departed friends, and makes the persona feel like who treads alone
Some banquet-hall deserted,
Whose lights are fled,...

Stephen, in attempting to dissociate himself from his family and home, is deeply stirred by the song and the unhappy condition of his brothers and sisters, and for a moment he is sorely tempted to remain in Ireland rather than flee to the Continent to pursue his destiny as an artist.
[from CD liner notes, contributed by Prof. Zack Bowen]

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