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James Joyce at the Piano in Paris, 1939 James Joyce: Music in the Novels and Poems
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...I could have been a prima donna only I married him comes loooves old deep down chin back not too much make it double My Ladys Bower is too long for an encore about the moated grange at twilight and vaulted rooms yes Ill sing Winds that blow from the south that he gave after the choirstairs performance...
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My Lady's Bower

Music by "Hope Temple" (Alice M. Davis);
words by Frederick E. Weatherly

Song Lyrics

Thro' the moated grange at twilight, my love and I we went,
By empty rooms and lonely stairs, in lover's sweet content,
And round the old and broken casement, we watched the roses flow'r,
But the place we lov'd the best of all, was call'd "My Lady's Bow'r."

And with beating hearts we enter'd and stood and whisper'd low,
Of the sweet and lovely lady who liv'd there years ago!
And the moon shone in upon us across the dusty floor,
Where her little feet had wandered in the courtly days of yore;
And it touch'd the faded arras and a gain we seem'd to see
The lovely lady sitting there, her lover at her knee,
And we saw him kiss her fair white hand and Oh! we heard him say:"
"I shall love thee love for ever, Tho' the years may pass away!
I shall love thee, for ever! Tho' the years may pass away!

But then they vanish'd in a moment, and we knew 'twas but a dream!
It was not they who sat there in the sliver moonlight gleam!
Ah! no, 'twas we, we two together who had found our golden hour,
And told the old, old story within "My Lady's Bow'r,"
And told the old, old story within "My Lady's Bow'r."

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