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James Joyce at the Piano in Paris, 1939 James Joyce: Music in the Novels and Poems
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Mr Charles Bignell, who never commits the fault of boring his hearers with stale songs, has made a great hit with What ho! She bumps!
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[ The Era, 2 Sept. 1899 ]

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What-Ho! She Bumps!

Music by Arthur J. Mills;
words by Harry Castling

Composer Biographies

A.J. [Arthur J.] Mills (1872-1919)

Prolific lyricist born in Richmond, Surrey, A.J. Mills usually teamed up with Bennett Scott. Among his hits were Charles Bignall's "What Ho, She Bumps" (with Harry Castling, 1901); Alf Chester's "Why Did I Leave My Little Back Room" (with Frank W. Carter, 1901); Marie Kendall's "Just Like The Ivy (I'll Cling To You)" (with Harry Castling, 1903); Happy Fanny Fields' "By The Side Of the Zuider Zee" (with Bennett Scott, 1906); Whit Cunliffe's "Fall In And Follow Me" (with Bennett Scott, 1910); and Marie Lloyd's "When I Take My Morning Promenade" (with Bennett Scott, 1912).

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Harry Castling (1865-1933)

One of the great lyricists of the music hall, Harry Castling had many hits, including Charles Bignall's "What Ho, She Bumps" (with A.J. Mills, 1901); Marie Kendall's "Just Like The Ivy" (with A.J. Mills, 1903); Charles R. Whittle's "Let's All Go Down The Strand" (with C.W. Murphy, 1909); and Kate Carney's "Are We To Part Like This, Bill?" (with Charles Collins, 1912). Lily Morris sang his and Herbert Rule's "Turned Up" (1924); and "Don't Have Any More, Mrs. Moore" (with J. Lloyd, as "James Walsh", 1926). Like many of the songwriters of those days, Castling was destitute in his later years. Fred Godfrey's youngest daughter Peggie (1912-2001) remembered that she and her mother ran into him in late 1933, much the worse for wear, in a Lyons Corner House in London and bought him something to eat.

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