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Selected Songs — CD #2

Glory Songs: MORE Music from the Works of James Joyce

All of the songs listed below have been performed and recorded by Kevin McDermott and Ralph Richey and are included on the CD, MORE Music from the Works of James Joyce, issued by Sunphone Records in 2006 and available here for sale. This recording, complete in itself, forms a continuation of the work presented in our first CD, Music from the Works of James Joyce. This section of the site provides lyrics, information on the composers, and discussions of the literary context of the songs. To hear a sampling of audio clips from this disc, please visit our Preview page.

(View the list of songs from CD #1 here.)

CD #2 Songs Listed by Track Number

(Specific page references to the works cited below can be found here.)

Track Song Title Work(s) Cited
1 In the Shade of the Palm
(from Florodora)
2 O Twine Me a Bower A Portrait
3 The Groves of Blarney A Portrait
Finnegans Wake
4 Killarney
(from The Colleen Bawn)
A Portrait
5 Oh! Ye Dead Dubliners
6 Lilly Dale A Portrait
7 Suite of Stephen's Piano Improvisations
("Loath to Depart," "The Agincourt Carol," "Greensleeves")
A Portrait
Stephen Hero
8 The Lass That Loves a Sailor Dubliners
9-13 Suite from Ross Lee Finney's Chamber Music
Chamber Music
14 My Lady's Bower Ulysses
15 What-Ho! She Bumps! Ulysses
16 Shall I Wear a White Rose? Ulysses
17 In Old Madrid Ulysses
18 Nuvoletta Finnegans Wake
19 The Lost Chord Ulysses

You can also view this list reorganized with the songs grouped according to each title of Joyce's works where they are cited.

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