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The Bloom Mystery

The Bloom Mystery — now available on DVD


The Bloom Mystery - DVD Cover
Martello Tower

Who is Bloom and what is his message for modern man?


About the Filmmaker

Born in Budapest, and currently living in Ireland, Csilla Toldy escaped socialist Hungary in 1981 and found herself on an Odyssey in Europe for many years. Since living on the Emerald Island (surrounded by the "snotgreen" sea), she always felt that there was a kinship between the Irish and the Hungarians, even though they are geographically so far apart in Europe.

Joyce provided the answer in his Ulysses — and when she discovered that there was indeed a Hungarian connection in the novel (Leopold Bloom's father, Rudolph Virag, is Hungarian), she knew she had to make a film about it....

The Bloom Mystery is a 26-minute documentary on the Hungarian-Jewish origins of Leopold Bloom. The film was shot on Bloomsday 2007, simultaneously in Hungary and Ireland, with Senator David Norris, Stephen Mullan, Dr. Endre Toth, Dr. Ferenc Takacs, Sara Kaszap, Ferenc Masszi, David Lilburn, and Les Doherty.

Music: Kevin McDermott and Ralph Richey performing "Those Lovely Seaside Girls" by Harry B. Norris.

Csilla Toldy

Contact the Filmmaker

Trailer: YouTube — The Bloom Mystery
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Scene from Csilla Toldy's documentary, The Bloom Mystery

Hungarian Scene from The Bloom Mystery

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