James Joyce in Trieste, circa 1919 James Joyce: Music in the Novels and Poems

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I can truthfully say that this CD will fast become one of my favorites! I am listening to it as I write and I must say that your voice is amazing! It is very soothing to listen to and very inspiring while I work. Normally I can't listen to anything while I work on my books because it is distracting — your CD is one of the very few exceptions to that rule. It doesn't distract, it inspires! Your voice is soothing right to the soul — what a gift you have! WOW! WOW! WOW! Awesome voice!
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[ Peggy April ]

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Recommended Reading, Events, and Web Sites

Watch this space for a comprehensive listing of online and offline resources for Joyce-related audio, video, music, cinema, theater, print, multimedia, and more. In the meantime, below you will find some Web sites that are well worth a visit.

JoyceWays App - Ulysses for You

JoyceWays iPhone App

developed under the direction of
Prof. Joseph Nugent
Boston College


Explore James Joyce's Dublin
and discover Ulysses
with this iPhone walking guide.

City of Immortals - Père Lachaise Cemetery

Marcel Proust and James Joyce

A Vignette from 1922

At the funeral of Marcel Proust
Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

"Unnoticed, apparently, by any of Proust's friends, was James Joyce, who had come to pay his respects to the one author whose achievement in the novel rivaled his own."
— William C. Carter
Marcel Proust: A Life

Grave of Marcel Proust at Pere Lachaise Cemetery


Scene from film The Bloom Mystery

Filmmaker Csilla Toldy's The Bloom Mystery

Read about this 26-minute documentary on the Hungarian-Jewish origins of Leopold Bloom by Budapest-born filmmaker Csilla Toldy.

The film was shot in Hungary and Ireland on Bloomsday 2007, and is available for sale online in DVD format — a 1-minute sample video clip is provided here.

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The Mookse & The Gripes

View this amusing (and right-on-the-money) slideshow of illustrations for the Mookse & Gripes episode of Finnegans Wake, created by U.K.-based writer, cartoonist, and art director Ralf Zeigermann.

The MookseThe Gripes

The James Joyce Centre: Located in the "heart of the Hibernian metropolis," this Dublin institution hosts an extensive program of films, lectures, walking tours, and other events related to the city's most famous writer. This year, of course, it is ground zero for the worldwide Bloomday 2004 centenary celebrations. The Centre recently released a CD titled Classical Joyce: A Musical Odyssey through James Joyce's Masterpiece — a compilation of performances of operatic and symphonic music mentioned by Joyce in Ulysses, including works by Verdi, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and many others. Please visit the Centre's Web site for information on ordering the CD.

Bronze by Gold: A "Joycean Saloon" and part of The Brazen Head (a major portal to a universe of Joyceana), this site is devoted to exploring music inspired by James Joyce, from classical to rock and everything in between.

James Joyce, l'Irlande, le Québec, les mots by Victor-Lévy Beaulieu

Victor-Lévy Beaulieu:
James Joyce, l'Irlande, le Québec, les mots

A massive (1,100 pages) literary rumination, in French, by Victor-Lévy Beaulieu, one of Québec's best-known and most prolific authors. In this book-length essay, the author explores the cultural and historical similarities and differences between Québec and Ireland and ties them together through a re-discovery of Joyce and language. Published in 2006 by Éditions Trois-Pistoles.

Bloomsday Cabaret: Film-site of Canadian documentary maker Rosemary House, who tells the story of music in the life and literature of James Joyce in this soon-to-be-released film. A QuickTime movie trailer was recently posted on the site.


Irish filmmaker Sean Walsh's promotional site for his recently released cinematic interpretation of Joyce's "unfilmable" book, Ulysses.

Irish Actress Eilin O'Dea in Molly Bloom

Molly Bloom

See this one-woman performance of the most famous monologue in literature at New York's Bleeker Street Theatres:

19th January - 23rd February, 2008

Sensuous, compelling, and funny, this soliloquy is the only time in Joyce's seminal novel where Molly's voice is heard directly. In it, we hear the otherwise silent character bare her soul on life, love, sex, and loneliness. A must-see for fans of James Joyce, literature and independent women everywhere! Directed by Liam Carney.

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Jeanie Johnston Journal

Catherine McKenna:
Jeanie Johnston Journal

A fascinating account of the author's adventure as a sail-trainee aboard the three-masted Jeanie Johnston, a replica of one of the 19th-century Famine ships that brought emigrants from Ireland to the shores of Québec. This journal helps readers experience first-hand what life was like — for both passengers and crew — aboard one of these historic vessels.

Three Monkeys Online: A monthly online publication on current affairs and culture, written by teams based in Ireland, Italy, and Spain. The site has a recent article — "James Joyce's Ulysses: Why the Fuss?" — in which author Mark Harkin interviews Senator David Norris on Joyce and the Bloomsday Centenary.

Round the House: Marvelous Tucson-based quartet that plays and records "pure drop" (authentic) traditional Irish music like they were natives of the Emerald Isle. Their recordings are available for sale at the Web site, which features some sound clips from the discs.

Irish Music Magazine: Online version of a publication devoted to (mostly) traditional Irish music, including information on sessions, recordings, and related events worldwide.

Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions
Peggy April of Iva Rose Vintage Reproductions preserves our cultural heritage by offering digitally restored reprints from her collection of over 1,000 knitting and crochet pattern books (most dating from the 1890s through the 1920s). She is adding items all the time, some from the early 19th century and the Civil War period. It is a wonderfully comprehensive site, visually rich, well-written, and definitely worth a visit if you have even the slightest interest in social history — and that much more if you knit, too!

More to come...

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